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First Class PVC Roofing in Faversham

Working across Faversham, we have decades of experience and expertise in supplying and installing the highest quality and most reliable PVC roofing and waterproofing products for a variety of industrial and commercial clients.  

Keeping your Faversham roof safe from adverse and difficult weather conditions is incredibly essential and the high quality PVC roofing products and waterproofing membranes we supply and fit are all British Board of Agre'ment (i.e. the BBA) accredited, BBA Certificate Number 14.5144. Alongside this, they all have a BBA confirmed and documented service life 'in excess of 35 years'. It also means that your Faversham roof will remain protected in the event of stormy weather or rain; with a professionally installed PVC roof, you will never suffer a leak again!

If you want to know more about our Faversham PVC roofing products or roofing membrane supply and installation service, call us today on 01634 869806, or get in touch through our contact form and send a member of our experienced and friendly team a message about your requirements.

The complete waterproofing membrane installation service across Faversham

Our high quality, durable and affordable PVC roofing and waterproofing membranes are all installed by either mechanically fixing it to your roof or by a cold applied adhesive. Thanks to our decades of experience and expertise, we always deliver the safest and highest quality solution for your domestic, commercial or industrial properties across Faversham. Memtec's ply PVC waterproofing products and membranes are ideal for use when you are building a new home or planning a loft conversion or extension and our friendly and professional team will always discuss your requirements with you before any work is carried out. 

If you are concerned about how adverse Faversham weather conditions, including heavy rain and wind, may affect your roof, our high quality and affordable waterproofing membranes and PVC roofing products are the ideal solution. Far more reliable than Bituminous or Asphalt Roofing Felt, our professionally installed PVC roofing will bring your home or business property up to date. Not only will this give you the peace of mind of knowing that your Faversham property won't suffer water damage or have a leaky roof, it will also look up to date as well.  

Superb roof waterproofing 

Roof waterproofing is a very useful and essential tool in preventing the risk of a Faversham property suffering water damage. For instance, if leaks form in your Faversham property and aren't resolved, the water damage caused will then spread from your roof to the ceiling and then even further to the walls. If this were to happen, your Faversham property would become unstable and would need to be secured and fixed as soon as possible.  

Waterproofing membrane installed across Faversham

We provide and install waterproofing membranes and PVC roofing products for a wide variety of industrial and commercial clients across Faversham. To find out more about our PVC roofing and how you can make the most of our exceptional supply and installation service, call us today on 01634 869806, or visit our contact page to request a brochure or product sample pack, or speak to a professional member of our team to place an order.