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Ashford's Very Best Single Ply Membranes

Depend on Memtec to supply and install high quality single ply membranes at your Ashford property, we have an extensive background of expertise in the industry, carrying out work for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients. 

The quality of our single ply membranes is unquestionable, you can be guaranteed that they are all British Board of Agreement accredited (BBA), Number 14/5144 and have a BBA confirmed and documented service life 'in excess of 35 years'. Protecting your Ashford roof from heavy weather conditions is very important, as no one wants their roof leak to spread and cause water damage throughout your home. Make having durable, high quality single ply membranes professionally installed at your Ashford property a top priority, to allow your home to retain its natural beauty and be effective for many years to come.   

If you would like to know more about any of our single ply membranes or waterproofing membranes in Ashford, call us today on 01634 869806, or get in touch through our contact form and send a member of our experienced and friendly team a message about your requirements.

Ashford's Highest Quality Single Ply Membrane Installation Services

You can be assured that we always deliver the highest quality solution for your Ashford commercial, industrial and domestic properties; with decades of experience, we have learnt several tools and techniques which we utilise to this day, to give our customers the best service. Our high quality single ply membranes are fitted by either a cold applied adhesive or by mechanically fixing it to your roof and can be ideal for individuals looking to build a new house or carry out a loft extension and conversion. We will collaborate with you, to discuss your requirements before any work is undertaken, so we ensure that we carry out the single ply membrane installations, like you had envisioned. 

Providing your property with a modernised look and a reliable solution much better than bituminous or asphalt roofing felt, our single ply membranes will provide an effective method of preventing water damages and leaks. So if you are worried about how heavy weather conditions will affect your Ashford commercial or commercial roof, depend on our experts to provide you with the best single ply membrane installation services. 

You may not think it but roof waterproofing is an absolutely pivotal process; as without a high quality single ply membrane you have a great chance of your ashford premises suffering water damage from leaks.  Its better to get this issue sorted immediately as it may cause further problems, which will be costly repairs and the leak spreading all throughout your home, including your ceilings and walls. 

Superior Quality Single Ply Membranes in Ashford

We supply and install single ply membranes for a wide range of commercial and industrial customers across Ashford. To find out more about our single ply membranes and how you can make the most of our exceptional supply and installation service in Ashford, call us today on 01634 869806, or visit our contact page to request a brochure or product sample pack, or speak to a professional member of our team to place an order.