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About Memtec Company


Single Ply MembraneFrom the large mainstream roofing companies down to the small local roofer operating in the UK domestic roofing industry; we supply flat roofing products and roof waterproofing systems to them all. All our systems are supplied by a friendly and professional team that have worked in the industry for many years.

Most Single Ply Membrane Manufacturers will not give access to their products nor supply them to the Smaller Roofing Contractors. This means that they are not able to offer their clients and customers a top class PVC roofing Product/System and all of the benefits that come with them. We ensure all UK contractors have access to the very best in single ply membranes, flat roofing products and roof waterproofing systems which allows their clients to benefit from a high quality system.

Call us today on 01634 869806 or leave us a message on our contact page to learn more about our range of waterproofing membranes, single ply membranes and roof waterproofing products. We will provide you with any information you need on our range of products and go through all your requirements.


At Memtec we give access to our Products and Systems to all size Roofing Contractors including the Small Local Roofer.

Supplying top quality, high performance and long service life Roofing and Single Ply Waterproofing PVC Roofing Membrane Products throughout the UK. Whatever your Roofing Requirements are, you can be totally assured and rely on Memtec to provide the ultimate solution for your Roofing and Single Ply Waterproofing membrane needs. Memtec will also be proven to be a sound financial investment and exceptionally cost effective over many years. 


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Rochester Riverside DevelopmentMemtec Services

Product Sales and Supplies including all accessories to complete and complement the single ply membrane or PVC roofing system.

Courier delivery service throughout the UK available (charges apply).

Product Technical Advice and Support available (free of charge).

Product Installation Advice and Support available (free of charge).

Product Installation Guidance Classes available (charges apply).

Product Literature and Samples available upon request (free of charge).

Our Senior Staff have over forty years experience of working within the main UK Single Ply PVC Membrane Roofing and Waterproofing Industry.

We offer a Professional, Experienced and Friendly Service.

If you would like to find out more on our range of flat roofing products, roof waterproofing systems and single ply PVC roof membranes available to clients across the whole of the UK, including Ashford, Tunbridge WellsFaversham, Aylesford, Bromley, Canterbury, Tonbridge and Sittingbournecontact us today or have a look through our website.


Contact Memtec today on 01634 869806 to discuss your Roofing Requirements with one of Memtec’s Experienced, Knowledgeable, Helpful and Friendly single ply waterproofing and PVC roofing Team.